What You Need to Know about the Da Vinci lawsuit

As with some medical procedures, there are always risks that may arise. This fact holds true with surgeons who are tasked to perform medical or surgical procedures that are minimally-invasive by nature. For instance, there is a new system called the Da Vinci Surgical System, which was intended to offer surgeons with better visibility as they perform certain procedures to patients. However, this system has initiated the rise in the number of complaints or lawsuits called the Da Vinci Robot lawsuit claim. Such legal cases were related to torn blood vessels, surgical burns, and a number of other injuries that were severe and even life-threatening.

Seeking Legal Support

For those who are seriously affected by this remote-controlled robot, you can obtain relevant information on how to take the right action. It offers essential details on how to go about the first step in filing a lawsuit claim for your specific concerns.

When you decide to file the Da Vinci lawsuit, it is possible for you to receive the right compensation for lost wages, suffering, discomfort and any other medical expenses that were caused by the use of this device. This robot, which was manufactured by the company known as Intuitive Surgical, has been reported to cause severe damages to the health and life of most patients who have undergone surgical procedures. In fact, it has received about 33 lawsuits as of April 2013. Moreover, at least 10 of legal cases linked with the Da Vinci robot has been filed successfully over 15 months, and this can lead to a massive litigation in the years to come.

Complications Due to Da Vinci Surgical System

The FDA has provided a list of complications linked with robotic surgery complications such as excessive bleeding, cut ureters, surgical tears and burns to vital organs, and death. If you have experienced these injuries or damages to your health, it may help if you consult a legal expert a Bernstein Liebhard LLP. Anyone who has come across these symptoms and unfortunate experiences are likely to qualify for a Da Vinci lawsuit.

Consult the Right Legal Specialist

At Bernstein Liebhard LLP, you can rely on qualified lawyers who have been in the industry since 1993. They have successfully recovered over a billion dollars on behalf of individuals who were affected by defective medical devices and drugs used on them. The team of experts consists of highly experienced and certified paralegals, investigators and attorneys who can protect your legal rights the best way they can. You can also count on them to help you recover from any financial, emotional and physical damages that you have experienced from complications caused by the Da Vinci Surgical System.