Intellectual property protection

Intellectual property protectionActuate IP is a company that specializes in intellectual property. Their team comprises of experts that focus on delivering services that will benefit your business. They have a successful performance history and consistently deliver strong results.

Actuate IP caters to the needs of startup firms, lawyers, brand agencies, accountants, SMEs and multi-national corporates. They have a wide range of clientele spanning across the globe and therefore offer broad-based advice. Their interests lie primarily in the clients and ensure that the clients receive the respective information first hand.

Areas of expertise

  • Intellectual Property litigation and dispute resolution. (Here intellectual property includes Trademarks, Copyrights, Patents and claims based on design reputation)
  • Protection and Management of Brand or Trademark.
  • Protection of Designs and Copyrights.
  • Other Intellectual Property related agreements.

Predetermined and affordable fees

Why pay your lawyers based on how much time you spend with them? A case may take a longer time than you had originally expected burdening you with a huge bill to pay. Actuate IP charges clients based on a fixed fee. The nature and scope of the project is examined at the very beginning and both parties agree on a reasonable consideration irrespective of its duration.

Actuate IP has the ability to charge on a fixed fee basis because of the experience they have in their field of expertise. They know what decisions need to be me made and the likely outcomes of each case right from the get-go. Collaboration is an important aspect in the field of intellectual property rights. This is made extremely easy when fixed fees are involved with both parties focusing on what is important and doing their absolute best to achieve the results.

Actuate IP keeps the overhead and expenses to the bare minimum by using project management methodologies and technology. The fee you pay does not include unnecessary charges. It also implies that you can interact with the Actuate IP team as frequently as you require without any surplus charges. The communication is made via emails, phone call and face to face meetings. In other words, Actuate IP provides unlimited service for a definite and affordable price.

Client Satisfaction

The primary motive of the firm is to reach out to the clientele and offer them the best services at a reasonable fee. Often people cannot afford the best legal advice due to financial limitations. This firm tries to right this wrong by offering high quality legal advice at a fixed price which is mentioned to you before you strike the deal. With a sense of clarity, you can now focus on what you want and you can be rest assured that you shall be offered the best and nothing less.

Actuate IP’s policy fosters a strong relationship with their clients. They develop a strong partnership based on trust which encourages clients to share information that could be vital in achieving the desired results. They are an award winning firm and have been ranked in the internationally recognized Managing IP survey three years running. They have also been awarded the Corporate International Global Award for Australian Boutique IP Firm of the Year.