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In the year 1992, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved the application of Sertraline for treating adults, and in 2002, extended its approval for treating obsessive compulsive disorder in children over the age of 6.

This drug is known to have some severe side effects, with recorded instances of even death. Several medical practitioners have concluded that sertraline can cause agitation and generally nonaggressive persons may start exhibiting aggressive behaviour, which may be out of character for them.

Following are some examples of the known zoloft side effects in women:
It causes insomnia, nausea, dizziness and drowsiness.

Akathisia, which means, nervousness, restlessness, inner pressure along with the inability to remain still was discovered in a number of the patients utilizing the drug.

People diagnosed with major affective disorders are known to be at risk of activating mania or hypomania in small proportions.

The utilization of this drug when pregnant raises the odds of birth defects in the baby. Lactating women may pass small amounts of sertraline (less than 2mg / day) to their babies, though the effects aren’t yet properly recognized.

Weight gain has been discovered in a number of the females.

It’s known to cause allergic reactions for example skin rashes, hives, swelling of face, lips, tongue or throat and difficulty in breathing.

Both men and women have experienced difficulty in reaching orgasm and arousal disorder.

It might increase the probability of suicide and depression in individuals younger than 25 years of age and is well known to cause irregular heartbeats.

The drug should be properly used cautiously raise the risk of changes in blood pressure, rigidity of muscles, hyperthermia and practically all the above mentioned side effects. they when taken in combination with any monoamine oxidase inhibitors (MAOIs) group drugs, as.

Precautions for Using Sertraline

Side effects of this antidepressant drug limit your reasoning and response time. It really is best to avoid drinking alcohol, driving unattended and having other medications that have sedatives inside them, while on this particular drug. All these are a couple of precautionary measures one can take, to decrease unwanted effects.

Consumption of any antidepressant, including sertraline, must be only taken for clinical reasons and solely on the recommendation of a reputed shrink. Attention must be taken to prevent self-medication, as it could result in worsening the patient’s state.

Sertraline Withdrawal

When this antidepressant is suddenly discontinued, individuals experience a discontinuation syndrome or withdrawal, which includes stress, agitation, irritability, exhaustion, nausea or dizziness, myalgia (muscle pain), sweating, insomnia, blurred vision, vivid dreams or hallucinations, tingling or electric shock sensations.

Some individuals may experience minimal withdrawal symptoms, which is occasionally confused with influenza. These usually last for one or two weeks and decrease slowly. Therefore, it is strongly recommended that the utilization of sertraline be slowly decreased under medical supervision.